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Fresh FLORIDA Organically grown lemongrass- Whole, fresh, raw picked to order
We pick your lemongrass stalks fresh the day they ship. LemonGrass stalks will be cutted 1 inches from the root .

How to make lemongrass tea

This tea, known for being an Asian love potion, is great to serve with Asian foods. Lemongrass help to relax the mind, alleviate anxiety, improve communication, and revive passion.

1/2  to 1 full stem lemongrass, chopped
a dash of lime juice
1 Place the chopped lemongrass in a teapot
2 Dilute 3⁄4 cup of boiled water with 1⁄2 cup of cold water
so that the temperature of the hot water is approximately
158°F (70°C).
3 Pour the water into the teapot, allow the aroma to develop,
and serve. In hot weather, this tea can be served chilled.

After receiving the Lemon Grass stalks, move the contents to the fridge to keep them fresh.


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