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Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet) Live Plant
Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet) Live Plant
Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet) Live Plant
Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet) Live Plant
Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet) Live Plant

Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet) Live Plant

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One 7 inches Shampoo Ginger Live Plant. Will be shipped in 3 inches tall pot.


Our Growing Practice: We believe that growing high quality foods require high quality soil; therefore, the ingredients we use for growing are of higher standards compared to the conventional systems. All our plants are grown in full organic soil, GMO FREE, and are not treated with any chemicals or pesticide. Our plants are organically grown and packed in Florida USA. 

The Shampoo Ginger Plant (Zingiber zerumbet) which is also known as Awapuhi Kuahiwi, red pinecone ginger, or bitter ginger. Native to India, but was brought to Hawaii by Polynesian settlers, where its flower head (inflorescence) produces ginger-scented fluid that is still used in shampoos and conditioners.


  • Growing zones: Shampoo ginger grows best in USDA zones 9, 10, and 11, although most common ginger is suitable for zones 8 to 12. Shampoo ginger plants usually take around 10 months to mature and harvest once they are planted.
  • Planting: To plant Shampoo ginger, put it 24 to 36 inches apart. Maintain moist soil, especially if you live in a region with continuous, bright sunlight. If growing in a container, you will need to water more regularly to maintain humidity.
  • Light:  They prefer to grow in a partially shaded to a deep shade area. Ideally, they should receive 4-6hrs of bright diffused light.
  • Watering:Shampoo ginger plants love consistently moist soil, especially during their growing season from late spring to early fall. In the wintertime, keep the plant dry as it goes into dormancy. Try to water your plant once a week. Water the soil directly and avoid watering the leaves to prevent fungal infections.
  • Temperature and Humidity: These are tropical plants so they prefer warm and humid climates, however, they can be grown outdoors in zones as low as zone 8 and are more cold tolerant than other tropical plants. Indoors, general household temperatures will be fine for Shampoo ginger plants.
  • Soil: Shampoo ginger prefers nutrient-dense soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH profile. If growing indoors, you can plant using a common houseplant soil mix and add perlite, vermiculite, or orchid bark to further ensure that excess water drains well. Make sure to plant your shampoo ginger in a pot with drainage holes to prevent the soil from getting waterlogged. This can lead to root rot and other fungal diseases.
  • Pruning and Maintenance:Because they grow quickly during summer-time, you may want to trim and prune to maintain the aesthetic in your yard or garden. Although generally not a truly invasive species, it will spread very quickly and overrun other plants if it’s not given enough room to grow.

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