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Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Live Plant
Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Live Plant
Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Live Plant
Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Live Plant
Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Live Plant
Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Live Plant

Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Live Plant

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One 10-12 inches Wild Betel Leaf (Lolot) Plant . Will be shipped in 3 inches tall pot.

Our Growing Practice: We believe that growing high quality foods require high quality soil; therefore, the ingredients we use for growing are of higher standards compared to the conventional systems. All our plants are grown in full organic soil, GMO FREE, and are not treated with any chemicals or pesticide. Our plants are organically grown and packed in Florida USA. 

The Wild Betel Leaf plant is an edible and attractive ornamental addition to the home garden. Wild Betel Leaf is an excellent evergreen understory plant in woodlands providing groundcover in shady locations. Leaves have a nice peppery flavor and are eaten raw or cooked. They are delicious in salads or added to curries or blanched and used as a potherb. Larger leaves are lightly steamed and used as wraps for vegetables.


  • Climate: Lolot plants grows naturally in humid subtropical and tropical climates, generally frost-free areas with annual lows of 13 to 25°C, annual highs of 22 to 35°C, annual rainfall of 1200 to 5000 mm and a dry season of 5 months or less. Wild betel leaf plant can also be grown in pots or containers in cooler climates, if it can be moved indoors when there is a threat of frost or a fall in temperature consistently below 15°C (59°F).
  • Location: The plant does best in filtered sunlight, so keeping it at a dappled or shaded location would be best—also, avoid keeping it in a totally dark spot. Never expose the plant to the harsh afternoon sun for long, as it will burn the foliage.
  • Soil: Performs best on rich, moist loam soils of a moderately acid to neutral nature, generally with a pH of 5.0 to 7.0. At least part of the plant should be under permanent shade and be mulched, especially in areas at the lower end of its rainfall range and with a harsh dry season, or on soils that dry out quickly.
  • Watering: It likes to be kept moist but does not tolerate waterlogging. Avoid overwatering and stagnant water around the plant as it will cause fungal issues.
  • Harvesting: Betel leaves can be harvested from December to May by snipping the outer and larger leaves with secateurs. It’s best to leave the smaller leaves to develop and grow.  Harvest the leaves regularly to promote new growth. They are at their best when they’re a vibrant green with a waxy sheen.

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